01Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are modern and elegant window or door covers installed outside the buildings. They
are an excellent barrier against excessive sunlight. They are suitable for adjustment of light and heat
entering the room. In addition to practical values, Venetian blind can be an aesthetic decoration of
the building. They feature simple and modern design, they are dedicated to facilities with a large
surface area of windows or glass façades.

Żaluzje zewnętrzne fasadowe podtynkowe SunFas

Venetian blinds

– the perfect solution
for the demanding

Żaluzje zewnętrzne fasadowe podtynkowe SunFas

02advantages of our solutions

  • complete absence of visible mounting screws on both the guide channel and the cover box
  • easy and quick installation
  • different variants of the guide channel
  • smooth control of the blinds (opening and closing) in the range of 90° and 180°, ensuring comfortable and individual adjustment of the degree of light penetration into the interior; changing the angle of the slats allows adjustment of the light and heat entering the room


  • two types of blinds available: concealed and adapted version
  • concealed blind – 2 types of guide channel / concealed Z34 / embedded in the insulation layer / exposed guide channel N91
  • mounted directly to the joinery, with the option of width extension / cord, full guide channel N91 and guide channel on spacers D22
  • adapting blinds – 3 types of guide channel: cord, full concealed guide channel N91 and guide channel on spacers D22


Venetian blinds allow you to control and adjust freely the amount of sunlight reaching into the building. Venetian blind can be raised and lowered, as well as the angle of the slats can be changed, which allows you to adjust not only heat supply, but also the access of light to the interior of the facility, by selecting the appropriate degree of shading. The blind change the appearance of the façade, giving it an interesting and modern feel. They are a decorative element, at the same time raising the standard of the facility. A wide range of offered guards, the interesting shape and available colours of the products ensure an aesthetic appearance, while the possibility of choosing the drive and the application of weather automation further increase the functionality of the system.

Żaluzje zewnętrzne fasadowe podtynkowe SunFas
Żaluzje zewnętrzne fasadowe podtynkowe SunFas


  • wired or radio control
  • option of being operated with a weather automation system
  • option of connecting covers to a smart home management system

06technical data

  • slats made of high-quality aluminium
  • slats are available in two shapes: C80 and Z90

07structure dimensions

Type of slatmin width [mm]max width [mm]max. height [mm]

08available colours of the slats in stock


09dedicated colours of shutter boxes and guides from Aliplast palette

RAL 7016i7021i 8019i9005i9006i9016i
DB 703T

C80, Z90

Facade external shutter / C80, Z90 /

  • the cover box consists of extruded profiles and protective metal sheets
  • typical stock heights of the cover box: 220, 270, 320, 350 mm / non-standard heights – available on request
  • aluminium slats – a cross-section of the shape of the letter C, Z
  • the slats are equipped in a staggered arrangement with a ”slat guiding component”
  • textile strip – the strip is made of special textile materials
  • ladder in grey or black, made of polyester resistant to weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation
  • standard colour for blinds with the C80 slat: anthracite (RAL 7016), black grey (7021), silver (RAL 9006), white (RAL 9016),
    structural anthracite (DB 703), dark brown 8019, black (RAL 9005) – coating covered with highly weather-resistant varnishes
  • maximum dimensions: 4000 x 4000 mm
  • 4 cover box sizes: up to the total height: 220 – 1993 mm / 270 – 2991 mm / 320 – 4000 mm / 350 – > 4000 mm


the Venetian blind system can be equipped with an electric drive for free control of the blind and the angle of inclination of the slats. The blinds equipped with a drive move smoothly and the slats position themselves perfectly, modulating the light and controllin the level of sunshine inside the house. Using top-class automation / Somfy and other manufacturer’s drives are available /, blinds can be controlled via a computer, smartphone or tablet.